Ever watch the news and wonder where on earth happened to all of the great news on new innovative technology that helped people achieve remarkable heights? Like we have seemed to stop hearing about people creating amazing innovative jobs of the future. Well I couldn't help but feel like all of the funding for anything futuristic and creative had been cut, similar to the creative fun in my high school. & recently, these feelings have shown to connect with others in the same field.

Here's what I found out. 

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The industry had taken a turn because of trends & current events going on in the world. Many people still want to be apart of the innovation and forward thinking. Many people still want to own nice homes. & many people like to spend their money wisely. I cannot tell you enough how many people wanted something however they cut the budget for it because they didn't see the reward in it immediately.

So where does that leave the Design & Innovation??

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My opinion is this: Design will remain competitive and highly sought after, & designers must know their client & niche. In other words, don't suggest a 13,000 dollar lounge chair to a client that needs new plumbing & better lighting. & vice versa. & As far as innovation, I think this will be a generation of skill design. However, I also believe that those who are wild enough to dream big and act on that dream will make it into a reality.

What do you think will happen to design & innovation for the future?