Designs x Advice : Passion to Purpose


It's storytime creatives & I just pushed back a lot of work just so that we could get real honest about passion to purpose. My passion lead me down a path of life discovery. I fought with school, motherhood, internships, unemployment. & over time all of these things would tesr me down and make me feel as if I wasnt good enough because I wasn't staying in those positions long term or by standards written by society. 


But I had to go through that journey in order to be built back up with confidence in myself because I did lack the confidence.


In that journey, I found out that every idea carried with me was waiting to be planted and groomed at it's right time and destination. And in order to do that I had to make it through tough decisions, battles and trials.

So in the midst of working odd jobs that I didn't feel fit my life story, I would feel uncomfortable and would quit jobs or wait to get fired. But the moment it would happen i would realize the worth and potential behind my passion grew! So It's not as if my time was spent in vain, I just couldn't see the harvest yet.


Fast forward to being in places of solitude and devoting myself to hardwork, opportunities began to come and my ideas started to become realities. I learned that by staying focused, everythjng works out for the good, even if people didnt see the fruit of it yet.


That was the moment I knew in my heart that if I could keep the same pace, by keeping a good heart, and work ethic, everything would come full circle. I had to believe so much that when it started to show in my real life, I just couldn't give up I would keep going and keep telling myself I can do it!


Now I'm working on projects I wasn't even able to touch when I started and share many experiences and knowledge to help people like you get your idea to the ground. I am walking in my purpose!


 & because I know every experience is different it would be great to hear from you! What did you encounter when your passion turned into Purpose?  


Let's Link up & Talk and maybe there is something you want to ask me and I may have a good answer in good light-hearted advice to give.  :)