Congac Fur Vest

Fall is here and its time for an update! First, I am super excited for the season change! With that change I welcome two things, Confidence & Humility. 

 Fall Fur Vest Slay

Fall Fur Vest Slay

I know what you're thinking. 

Why on earth would you be welcoming those two things? And the honesty answer is,  I couldn't get anywhere in life without them both working together.  

You see I developed this be found confidence to accomplish my goals and dreams in the months of loosing my "dream job". In those moments i was greeted my discontent because I thought my fate was on the hands of another person. I had to realize that regardless of what position i held or worked, it does not define who i am & giving that power over to someone else wss toucher.  & i knew that if i couldn't be myself,  someone else would suffer from not seeing my rise above my downfall.

In a nutshell, I whipped my own back and ass and got back on my horse.  

So i leery this session be a strain of teaching but also a session of triumph to my own personal wealth!   How will you spend your Fall?