Solving Depression Through Community Building

I grew up in what I would call a broken home. My mother worked harder than any woman I ever known to provide and my father had been in and out of my life and vice versa. This ultimately caused me to live out some trials I never expected to live. It also caused me to understand first hand the affects of having a community and support system.

So you could imagine when I heard on HGTV (Don't Judge haha.), that one day I could change the world and leave something behind that I built with my own hands together with the help of other people. 

It was a life changing moment!

Fast forward through college, I came to understand community better and everyday I would attempt to add more to that understanding. You see, Community building was a key element to building a foundation of growth. It was so big that I built my senior thesis around community! It helped me see a different answer to dealing with depression. Here are reasons why community building is important to solving depression.

Through Security Purposes

Community helps even the weakest link in the chain. Imagine having a community food bank in your neighborhood that supports those who may have lost a job or have fallen on rough times. Being able to sustain a community takes that pressure off of the weakest link by telling them "Someone has your back in hard times." 

Generations build a feeling of belonging to the bigger picture

As people, we go through loss. It's inevitable at this stage in life. Your involvement with causes that help the community, help you in the long run because it reminds you that you are apart of a supported system. & without fail, that support system will be there to help you survive your obstacles.

Restores Faith

We have no clue what battles other people are fighting. Especially since we all don't like to admit failure. But failure is how we restore and rebuild. It tells ourselves that we are not perfect but through perfection, we can be made whole. & understanding that takes time. Time of serving side by side with people for a cause to increase your inner man!


When you're walking through depression it takes a good support system to help get you through it. & even then, you need someone to go into the details to iron out the kinks! Either way, community building can and will help solve depression by helping you see that it's not you against the world. It's all of us against the problems in the world!


If you know someone or are dealing with depression please reach out & call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). 

Much Love!

LeSean McCall