How Design Can Change the World


Have you ever wondered what it was like being a designer?

You never have the solution to your issue right away. 

To be a designer means much more than what meets the eye. Every second, you analyze what annoys you by asking how could it be better and fixed to sustain that situation? However, the detail we miss is solving an issue rather than creating a solution to a question.

 Exterior Design Sketch


As an interior designer, natural disasters change the way I look at how we can design environments to withstand catastrophe such as hurricane Irma and the lasting impact it has on the people immediately affected. Our economic standards change as we take and give back to our world and we must learn to adapt, opting for the next level of thinking.

 Hurricane Irma Cuba
 Infastructure Damage

I believe we should build our work, leisure and homes environments to be environmentally sound with the mindset that some concepts that worked in the past, will not work for the years to come. If we as people are to continue forward living in the best earth conditions, we must take authority of what was done in the past and put ourself in the position to change this world as well as brace for its future impact. 

 People of Cuba

How will you impact your future world?