How to Land a Freelance Job in 5 Easy Steps


Lets go ahead and believe it creatives. We are in the middle of the greatest digital networking age! Sometimes we do things for the fun of it and do not think twice. I'll be honest when I first signed up for my first social media network, like LinkedIn, I thought I thought nothing of it. Now, it has become a easy platform to showcase your skilled work, get involved with events and gain clients with a business page! So how do you make these things work for you to create your career as a freelancer? Add these 5 easy steps in your planning for setting up your freelance job. 

 How to land a freelance job 


Always Showcase Your Work On Social Network

People cannot know what you do unless you consistently advertise your skills. The more people are familiar with what you do the better you have to attract a client. 


join a community that gets business

When you begin your freelancing journey, I would advise UPWORKS to get the hang of freelancing. People are easier to come by on a platform such as Upworks because people are already looking for freelancers like yourself! Keep in mind, your competition is in the form of a proposal. 

The better you get at showcasing your skillset, other platforms such as Facebook is become a great community to get people to see your work and gain clients. But you must engage. Because again, competition is real!

Always give your best work

With every client, go above and beyond. These will be your returning clients. Especially if the vibe with you. Keep in mind everyone loves a good experience. Learn from your mistakes and continue to grow! 


Strengthen Your Skillset

One thing I've learned about building a career in anything is everything has its dry season. But your skill set will get you a job as long as your consistently getting better at your craft. Therefore in the slow periods of work, create new things for the heck of it all! You can never continue getting better if you do not push yourself!


In order to become a freelancer, You must have enough faith to know things will work out and have patience. Nothing worth having is easy and freelancing is far from easy. You must have discipline to get things done & a strong heart and will to continue to move forward! - Good Experiences creatives!